Basic Intensive Training in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management.

The Basic Intensive training is the first step in the certification process and is taught by Institute-approved faculty members throughout the United States, Canada and other countries.

Normally the course is a four day (27 hours) full time series of intense training. It is a highly interactive course of discussions, activities and practice sessions.

Learning how perceptions shape reality and understanding why we do the things we do, are only two of many goals of the Basic Intensive training. By participating in this four day introductory course, you will obtain a working knowledge of Dr. Glasser’s ideas.

  • This is a life-changing 4-day experience  –  27 hours of intensive training
  • It is a highly interactive course
  • The course will challenge you to change your perceptions and belief system

Course outcomes:

  • Recognise that all behaviour is internally motivated.
  • Awareness of the counseling environment and practicing the procedures that lead to change.
  • Understand how lead managers can create a non-coercive environment that could lead to sustainable quality work and continuous improvement.

Prerequisite: None – the training is suitable for most people from different sectors of society, different age groups. It can be used in your personal life as well as professional life.

Overview: The training will focus on understanding human behaviour (your own & others) as underpinned by Choice Theory. It will explore the process of Reality therapy as a tool to assist yourself and others to deal with difficult situations. Introduce participants to the concepts of Lead management, to learn how to lead and manage others without coercion and change potential into transformative success.

Basic Practicum in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy/ Lead Management

Prerequisite: BIT – participants needed to have finished the BIT to qualify to do the training.

Time: 30 Hours – (12 hrs face to face, 18 on your own) –the 12 hour face to face session will be divided into TWO Friday (6hrs) that will be a month apart

Overview: The training will focus on reviewing the basic concepts of CTRTLM and its application.

In session 1 participants will be guided on role-play formats and allowed to practice their skills.

They will also be guided on tasks to be completed on their own where they explore the application of their CTRTLM knowledge.

In session 2 participants will be expected to give feedback on tasks done over a month period.